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There are three places where you can view how to improve your email writing in Lavender.

The quickest solution is your Feed.

When you first start sending emails from Lavender, your Feed won't look like much. Similar to the screenshot below. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Initially, you can use it to find quick tips on how to increase replies (we base these off of our dataset).

But after you've sent a good amount of emails (or pulled in historical data) you will be able to use it more efficiently.

Scroll through image of your Feed in Lavender. Displaying a data visualization of mobile optimization, clarity, and long sentences and how they impact replay rates.

Once you have more data, you can count on your Feed to:

  • Show a quick snapshot of your total emails sent vs. their effect on reply rates.

  • Show high impact tips to increase replies.

  • Give your average stats across your date range of emails sent.

Think of your Feed as your place to go for quick, high impact tips to increase replies.

Next, we'll review The Coaching Tab.

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