How do I add my Team to Lavender?

Everything you need to know about adding your team to Lavender Teams.

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To get started you want to make sure you are signed up for Lavender Teams.

To check your plan you can head to your Dashboard.

From there, select Settings > Billing

You will then be able to see if you're on a Basic plan, Pro plan, or Teams plan.

If you're not on Teams, you'll need to upgrade before moving forward.

Adding Your Team

Once your account is on the Teams plan you can now add users.

First, navigate to Settings > Teams > Create Team

You will then get this pop up πŸ‘‡

You can create your team name (or multiple teams) and fill in the email addresses for your members.

The team account will be adjusted based upon your number of users.

Each team member is $49/month or $539/year.

Adjusting User Permissions

To adjust your users permissions navigate to Users

Your invited members will be automatically given the role of "member," but you can adjust that by clicking the three dots:

There are three different access levels:

πŸ‘€ Member: access to individual user analytics, no admin privileges

πŸ‘€ Manager: access to individual user analytics and team analytics, can edit permissions and add/remove teams and users

πŸ‘€ Admin: access to individual user analytics, team analytics, and cross-team analytics. Can edit permissions, manage billing, and add/remove teams and users

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