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How do I add my Team to Lavender?
How do I add my Team to Lavender?

Everything you need to know about adding your team to Lavender.

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Lavender is an impactful tool for individual use but for teams? It’s even MORE powerful, providing greater insights, data analysis, and more - giving teams the tools to increase their outreach and team leader's visibility into performance.

Why should I use Lavender Teams?

Some of the benefits of using a Teams plan include:

  • Team leaderboard and competitive analysis

  • Team and Manager’s dashboard

  • Manage more than one team? Lavender for Teams provides multiple team functionality.

  • Visibility and insights into how the team is performing using Lavender - and areas that could use improvement

  • Custom Scoring Algorithms - Recommendations are tailored towards the data set for YOUR team, customer persona, and industry

  • Ability to add or remove team members as needed directly from the Dashboard

What size Team do I need to use Lavender Teams?

A minimum of 2 users is required to set up a Teams subscription!

What’s included in my Teams subscription?

Great question! All team plans come standard with everything included in Lavender Pro.

In addition, we offer different benefits depending on the size of your team:

For Teams of 2-10 users, your Teams plan includes:

  • Insights into analytics across team members

  • Team leaderboard and competitive analysis

  • Scoring and suggestions based on team activity, customer persona, and industry

  • Team and Manager’s dashboard

  • Multiple team functionality

  • Custom scoring algorithms

Contracted teams of 10+ users get additional exclusive benefits:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • A 1-hour initial coaching call

  • Annual coaching ($1,500 value - additional sessions available)

  • First access to Lavender’s newest features

❓ Have questions about the benefits and features included in Lavender Teams?
Contact us at [email protected], and we'd happily help answer them!

How do I get started with Lavender Teams?

First, you’ll want to confirm that you are currently signed up for a Lavender Teams subscription.

To check your plan type:

  • Visit your Lavender Dashboard.

  • From your Dashboard, visit Settings.

  • Click on the Billing tab.

Here, you’ll see which plan type you are currently subscribed to: Basic, Starter, Pro, or Teams.

If you're not currently on Teams, upgrade before moving forward!

Adding Your Team

Once your account is on the Teams plan, you can add users - aka, your team members!

First, navigate to Settings > Teams > Create Team.

You will then see this pop-up 👇

From here, add your team name and fill in the email addresses for your team members. This will generate email invitations that will be sent to them, encouraging them to set up an account with Lavender!

You can also create and generate an invitation link from this screen to send to team members directly.

💡 Please note: The team account and billing will automatically adjust based on your number of users. Each team member is $69/month or $828/year.

Changing User Permissions

Your invited members will be automatically given the "member" role, but you can adjust that under the Users tab.

To change a user's permissions, go to Settings and click on the Users tab.

Find the name of the user whose permissions you wish to adjust, and click on the three dots under the “Actions” column.

From there, you can change their permission level to Member, Manager, or Admin.

What are the differences between each user access level?

Each permission option includes different access so you can set your team - and you - up for success:

👤 Member

  • access and visibility into their user analytics

  • can see team dashboards

  • no admin privileges

👤 Manager:

  • access and visibility into individual user analytics

  • access and visibility into team analytics

  • can edit user permissions

  • can add or remove teams and users

👤 Admin

  • access to individual user analytics, team analytics, and cross-team analytics

  • can edit user permissions

  • can add or remove teams and users

  • access to manage billing through the Dashboard

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