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The Insights Tab

Everything you need to know about the Insights tab.

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Now that we've covered your Feed and Coaching, let's look at the Insights section of your Dashboard.

Insights are where you can find top suggestions, KPIs, and general suggestions in one place.

A scroll through of Lavender's insights tab. Reveals high impact suggestions to boost your email reply rates. Includes a data visualization on subject length, and open rates.

Optimize your Insights tab by using it to:

  • Pinpoint exactly what and how to improve.

  • Use the search bar to focus on specific KPIs.

  • Review templates from Salesloft and Outreach.

  • View high-impact and general suggestions.

  • View data visualization and recent email scores.

Top Suggestions - High Impact

Come here to focus on where you can improve the most to maximize replies


View a snapshot of:

  • Total emails sent

  • Open rate

  • Reply rate

  • Writing time


Come here to focus on secondary suggestions that will impact your reply rate; they just won't have the highest impact.

Think of Insights as your place to go for high-impact suggestions and to focus on specific KPIs.

Insights are also a great tool for managers to use when coaching their direct reports.

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