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Everything you need to know about open tracking and how it works.

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Lavender has the ability to track when your emails are read when toggled on in your Settings.

So how does this work?

We use a tracking pixel by adding a blank image to the email. When the image gets loaded, we track the email as being opened.

A few things to note:

  • Pixels can be blocked by pixel blockers, Lavender wouldn't be able to recognize this. We would just not register the email as opened.

  • Outlook has tracking pixels blocked by default.

  • If you are using Outreach, we default to their tracker. We don't insert our own pixel into those emails.

If your emails aren't showing up in your Open Awareness, here are the most common reasons why:

1. Your emails are short or have little to no text.
2. You forwarded the emails.
3. The emails were sent from a mobile device or a browser without Lavender.

4. The pixel was blocked.

An inside look at Open Awareness:

You can find your open awareness data under Dashboard > Personal.

Here you can view your recipients, subject lines, sent dates, and statuses.

If you click on your Open Awareness box it will display the following information:

  • Average writing/reading time

  • Number of unopened vs. opened vs. replied emails

  • Dates and scores of your emails

You also have the ability to filter based upon unopened vs. opened vs. replied.

This is not real-time data, it can take a bit to update.

Also, keep in mind the information above about the tracking pixel.

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