Assigning Teams

Everything you need to know about assigning your employees to internal teams.

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A neat Lavender feature is that you can assign your employees to internal teams.

This is great if you have a departmental mix using Lavender (Marketing, Sales, HR) or even if you want to create some healthy competition within your org.

So let's get started! 💪

Creating a Team

You'll want to head to Settings > Teams > Create Team

Look out for a pop up where you can create a Team Name and Invite Members.

Congratulations! You now created your first team. 🥳

Assigning to a Different Team

Head to your User Management page.

On the right side of each user, you'll see three dots. You can click here to delete the user or edit their access.

To modify their team (or assign to additional teams) you'll need to hit Edit Access.

You'll then see this view:

Modify teams under Select Teams.

Then click Save Changes.

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