How do I install Lavender?

Everything you need to know about installing the Lavender extension

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Ready to install Lavender?

All it takes is 2 steps to get started!

Steps to install Lavender

  1. Navigate to and click "Add to Chrome."

🗒️ A few things to note:

  • Lavender works best in Google Chrome, but Microsoft Edge can also support Chrome extensions.

  • At this time, other browsers like Firefox and Safari don't currently support chrome extensions so they will not support Lavender.

You will then be redirected to a sign in page:

2. Sign in with either Google or Microsoft, starting your 7-Day Free Trial of Lavender Pro!

You should then see Lavender show up in your extensions on your browser!

You can verify here: chrome://extensions/

That's it!

Next steps once you install Lavender

Using Gmail?

Lavender should show up directly in your inbox when you start drafting an email! It’ll look something like this:

Using Outlook?

There are a few more steps you’ll need to complete to get Lavender set up in Outlook, but don’t worry - we’ve got your covered! We’ve outlined all of them here: Installing Lavender on Outlook

Using Salesloft or Outreach?

You’ll want to visit the Integrations page to connect either your Salesloft or Outreach account. We’ve outlined those steps here: Connecting to Salesloft or Outreach

Using HubSpot?

You’ll want to make sure that the email you’re using to log into Lavender is the same email you use to login to HubSpot.

You can read more about our HubSpot integration here: How to Integrate with HubSpot

Curious about where else you can use Lavender?

Check out some of our frequently asked integration questions and more information on Lavender Anywhere!

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