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Everything you need to know about Lavender's current pricing.

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Thanks for checking out Lavender!

Below, you'll find a list of our plans and features. πŸ‘‡

Individual Plans

Lavender Starter

Lavender Starter is for individual users who use Gmail or Outlook only.

Starter Benefits

  • Unlimited emails and personalization

  • Gmail + integrations

  • Lavender Anywhere

  • Mobile editor

  • Individual coaching and analytics

  • Chat support

Starter Pricing

$29/month or $319/year

* * * * *

Lavender Pro

Lavender Pro is for individual users who use more complex integrations like Outreach, Hubspot, or Salesloft.

Pro Benefits

  • All available integrations (Outreach, Hubspot, Salesloft + Outlook/Gmail)

  • Unlimited emails and personalization

  • Lavender Anywhere

  • Mobile editor

  • Individual coaching and analytics

  • Priority support when available

Pro Pricing

$49/month or $539/year

Lavender for Teams

Lavender Teams is for teams of 2+
It includes all of our Lavender Pro features while incorporating a team leaderboard for coaching and enablement.

Teams benefits:

  • Everything from Pro

  • Granular team insights

  • Create multiple teams

  • Priority support

Teams of 16+ also receive:

  • 4 coaching sessions

  • A tailored Success Plan

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager

Teams Pricing

Starting at $8,500

For teams and individuals looking to utilize our integrations, here are our current offerings:

  • Gmail + Outlook

  • Salesloft

  • Outreach

  • Hubspot

  • Apollo

  • Groove

Basic (free) Plan

Our Basic plan is our least popular plan due to feature limitations, but it still has some capabilities.

Basic benefits:

  • Analyze five emails per month

  • Use our personalization assistant 5x per month

  • Basic features, with limitations

  • Gmail + integrations

  • Chat support

Plan Comparison

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