Applying a Promo Code

Everything you need to know about applying a custom promo code.

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Applying a promo code in Lavender varies by plan type. So let's review the steps by plan.

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Free(basic) or Trial tier:

To apply a promo code that you've been given, head straight to your Billing page.

There you will see a box labeled Apply Promo Code

There, insert your promo code and click "Apply Promo."

You should then see your billing page reflect the new change (often a trial extension).

Paid tiers:

We don't often have promo codes that you can apply when you're on a paid plan, but if by some chance this happens please reach out to our team. You can reach us at [email protected].


Promo codes cannot be combined with other trial extension offers such as: saving a payment method, or inviting friends.

If you happen to be start a new trial a promo code box will pop up during your onboarding!

Just fill in your promo where it says Promo Code!

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