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Everything you need to know about the Personalization Feed.

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Within your Personalization Assistant you'll see three sections: Feed, Profile, and Company.

For this article, we'll break down your Feed.

All About Your Feed

Personalizing your emails should be fast and efficient. That's why we're bringing your conversation openers front and center.

Showcasing both News and Events and Tech Stack Insights - with one click you can Generate an intro and get your email started.

Getting Started

To test out your Personalization Feed - head to your inbox and type in an email address.

Your Personalization Assistant should light up once it recognizes an email, but if not just click on your icon:

Right away you'll see your tech stack insights and news & events. You'll also see quick access to the Profile/Company sections.πŸ‘‡

Adjusting Your Settings

If you are seeing Update Settings on your Personalization Feed - this is easy to fix!

Just click on Update Settings and it will take you to your Settings.

Once you're there, you'll want to fill out your personalization data at the bottom!

It may take a bit to sync, so make sure you save/refresh! 😎

Using AI to Start a Conversation

Click Generate an Intro and our AI assistant, Catie, will display some ideas for your email:

You can copy these over into your compose window and then use our Email Coach to write your email.

Have questions? Let us know via our in-app chat or email us at [email protected]

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