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Personalization Assistant
Personalization Assistant

Everything you need to know about the Personalization Assistant.

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What is Lavender's Personalization Assistant?

Lavender's "Personalization Assistant" brings the personalization power of information about your recipient, their company, and more - all in one place!

You'll be able to see recent news articles about the recipient or their company, information about their work history, LinkedIn posts and more - all at your fingertips to help you personalize your email faster.

How to Use the Personalization Assistant

To get started, add your recipient's email address to the to: field in the email draft.

Next, click into the subject line or email body. This will trigger Lavender to begin searching for this individual.

Once they're found, the "Feed" screen will appear. You'll see two sections appear within the "Personalization Assistant" Feed: the top area is information about your recipient, and the bottom is information about their company.

Some of the information you'll be able to surface are things like "LinkedIn/X Posts", "Podcasts", "Work History" and more!

For this article, we'll break down the Profile section.

All About the Profile Section

Personalizing your emails should be fast and efficient. That's why we're bringing your conversation openers front and center.

Some of the information that can be found under the Profile section includes things like recent LinkedIn/X Posts, their Personality information, Work History and more.

You can even click on the Podcasts section to surface information about any podcast episodes they may have been featured on!

Getting Started

To try out the Feed inside the "Personalization Assistant", head to your inbox, start a new email, and type in an email address.
The "Personalization Assistant" will pop up a circle with either a photo of your recipient or a letter if a photo is not available.

Profile Sections


This section gives you a brief overview of your recipient.

LinkedIn and X Feed

Shows you recent Linkedin and X (formally known as Twitter) posts.


If your recipient has been a guest on a podcast (or maybe more than one!), information about those appearances will appear here. Each podcast item includes a summary of the podcast and a link to access it.


The Personality section provides a breakdown of the type of person you are contacting, and suggestions on the best ways to communicate with them!

Work History

A snapshot of recent roles and companies your recipient has worked for.

Recent Activity

This will show any recent emails or meetings you have had in the past, or have scheduled, with your recipient.


Have questions? Let us know via our in-app chat or email us at [email protected]

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