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Just like marketing emails, sales emails need to be mobile optimized. This article explains how to write mobile optimized sales emails.

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You're 8x more likely to read an email on your phone first. Write like it.

The chance that your email is going to be read on a phone is only increasing. Here are the facts:

  • Most people check their phone 58 times a day.

  • The top 20% of smartphone users? 4.5 hours of their day… That's almost 1/5th of the day!

While you're 8x more likely to read an email from your phone, you're 3x more likely to send it from a computer.

With this in mind, how would your email look on a phone?

  • Keep it short (no-scroll)

  • Avoid the "wall of text" paragraphs over 4 lines on mobile can be overwhelming

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