The “perfect cold email” is really dependent on who you’re messaging, why you’re reaching out, and in the context in which they’re going to receive it.

Sadly...there isn’t one perfect email.

I can send the same great email to two people. Their backgrounds, motivations, and biases determine if it’s going to work.

What's a Cold Email?

Cold email means the email was unsolicited by the recipient.

It’s a required skill if you’re in sales, but it’s not just for salespeople. Good cold emailing can expand your network, land your next job, and can teach you valuable lessons in business.

If you follow the advice in the following pages, you'll send a good email:

But... we can't leave you hanging.

Here's a framework that never goes out of style:

“Their first name,

Start with a thoughtful piece of research that’s hyper-relevant for why you reached out.

Quickly transition to a clear ask.

Explain who you are. Build credibility by speaking to the outcomes they care about.

Reiterate your original ask.

Talk soon,

Your Name

Here are some extra tips for cold emailing better than others:

  • Focus on starting a conversation. Deals don't close in the inbox.

    • Questions aimed at gauging their interest are great in a pinch, but lean on your research.

  • Thoughtful research isn't something like "I like to go rock climbing too". Research needs to dig deep:

    • What did they say on that podcast in minute 14 that ties back to why you're reaching out?

    • What are their bosses posting to social?

    • What about their experience is unique for what they do today?

    • What's going on in their industry?

    • How do they go to market?

    • It need has to transition

  • Transitioning is key. Each sentence should seamlessly flow to the next.

    • Your research should transition seamlessly to why you're reaching out.

    • If Nick Saban wrote killer emails, he'd say something like "each sentence's job is to get you to read the next sentence."

    • Read through you email. Does the logic flow? Yes? Read it again.

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