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Scheduling the Meeting

Calendar links have become popular for efficiency, but they can be polarizing. Here's how to nail scheduling a meeting via email.

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How to be thoughtful and efficient

Haven't heard of Calendly? Let's welcome you to the 21st century.

It's a tool that connects to your calendar and enables another person to book an appointment at the click of a button.

We're big fans of this Atlanta-based company. What's more thoughtful than a convenient link that gives someone access to any time you're available?

Before you hit send with that link, understand that it's polarizing.

Some people don't like calendar links of any type. Some think it's a weird power play. Others just think you're being thoughtless because you can't take the time to find a time.

Let's talk about the "Power Play"

You reach out to someone about finding a time. They fire back a calendar link.

They are probably thinking they're being super-efficient, and that you'd appreciate that your time is valued. It rubs some people the wrong way.

It feels cold 🥶 just a link can make the other person feel like "you couldn't be bothered".

A great way to warm these interactions is to ask for their calendar link while offering your own with an explanation that it's faster for all parties.

"Want to send me your calendar link? Feel free to use mine."

Leave the link out of your signature. Having a calendar link in your signature line is a red flag that you're a salesperson. People are looking to triage their inbox, don't give them an easy excuse to sweep your email into the trash.

The CEO of Blissful Prospecting, Jason Bay (aka JBay), has a great approach that we share some tips on speeding up in the video above.

Here's JBay's tested methodology:

  • Propose 3 times

  • Include the link "if none of the times work"

  • Offer to use their link

He found when testing this had the highest conversion, but he also found people chose each of the three options equally.

It's a great combo of thoughtfulness and efficiency.

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