The Forwardable Email

Warm connections can make great introductions for you. Use a forwardable email. This is how to write it and how the intro process goes.

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There’s an unwritten cheat code for getting warm connections to make introductions for you. It’s called the forwardable email.

It makes it easy for people to make intros for you.

Say you want to have a conversation with Sarah. You don’t know Sarah.

You could send Sarah a cold email, but you see that Sarah is connected to Kara. If Kara introduces you, you have a much higher chance of getting a response.

Here’s the process:

1. Email Kara.

Ask Kara how well she knows Sarah, and if she’d be open to making an introduction to Sarah. Quickly (1-2 sentences) explain why Sarah would get value from the conversation + mention that you’d gladly send a forwardable email.

2. The Forwardable:

Kara may forward email 1. Or she’ll reply that she’s open to it. Write the following:

Hey Kara,

Appreciate you being open to connecting me with Sarah. *1 sentence on why Sarah would be interested in connecting.*

*2-4 sentence elevator pitch.*


Your name

3. Spare their Inbox

Kara will then forward your note to Sarah.

Note: You shouldn’t be included on that note, as it puts Sarah in an awkward situation if she doesn’t want to talk.

If Sarah is interested, Kara will make the introduction.

Move Kara to BCC in your response and Sara to the To line. Thank Kara for the introduction. Tell Kara you’ve moved her to BCC and that you’ll keep her in the loop outside the thread and then start your conversation with Sarah.

4. Follow Up

The key to networking success is to keep others invested. Don’t forget to follow up and thank Kara after you’ve connected with Sarah.

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