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Job Seeker Email Template
Job Seeker Email Template

Check out this email template for sending a cold email as a job seeker.

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Hey there ๐Ÿ‘‹

Thanks for using Lavender as part of your job search! ๐Ÿ’œ

I wanted to share a framework with you for writing a cold email (job search style).


- Start with the role you want.

- Explain your understanding of what they're hoping to accomplish/solve by hiring for that position

- Note some of your core experiences / skills that speak to your ability to fill the needs of the role (don't resume dump)

- Ask if they'd be open to having a deeper conversation about the role, ask a question about the state of the company, ask something... start dialogue


Hi {name},

I saw that Lavender is hiring for an SDR role. Given the brand you've built, I imagine you're looking to expand your reach beyond LinkedIn.

I'm a decent writer. I'm not scared of a phone, and I'm hungry to learn. I'd love to be closing deals for y'all before Summer.

Would you be open to sharing more about your expectations for the role on a call?

Haven't heard back? Don't forget to follow up:

Hey {name}, very interested in your open SDR role.

Is this something you're still hiring for?

This is a great way to personalize, but also keep your emails short.

To dive deeper, check out this job application framework.

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