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Lavender's not showing up in Outlook
Lavender's not showing up in Outlook

Lavender only works within the browser. If you're looking for us in the desktop application, we won't be there.

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Hey! You're here because Lavender isn't showing up in Outlook.

We get this *particular* question a lot.

"I downloaded Lavender, but I don't see it within Outlook"

Our first question is always the same:

"Are you looking at Outlook in the browser or are you using the application?"

As a browser extension, you won't see Lavender on the desktop app.

If you're on, you should see it show up natively in your inbox, like this:

If you're still having trouble with Lavender here's another trick that can fix it.

Hit refresh

Sometimes Outlook loads slowly and this keeps Lavender from properly showing up.

We are working towards creating a version for Outlook on desktop. It's due to be out in Q2 of 2023! 💜

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